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Custom Walk-In Closets in TORONTO area

A walk-in closet is an essential item for your home improvement. It allows organizing your closes in a very logical and orderly manner. Well designed luxury walk-in closet serves as a functional dressing room. Getting ready for the busy day or special night out will be a breeze. According to home appraisals, custom designed walk-in closet increase home value and make homes sell faster. Choosing the perfect OOTD (outfit of the day) is a breeze when you have a walk-in closet. It’s a great place to showcase all your garments and allows you to see everything all at a glance. Everything is accessible and has a designated place for its own. Organizing things is effortless and requires minimal maintenance when you have a well designed walk-in closet. A walk-in closet is versatile and can accommodate infinite design options and has its unique character depending on your personal preference. You can add accessories to customize further and maximize the storage capacity of your closet. The best thing about a walk-in closet is that it is a home within your home, it serves as your private space wherein you can be creative and comfortable at the same time.


The size of a walk-in closet

Our closet designer takes full advantage of all available space and tailor fit to your personal preferences.
A spacious closet usually includes shelves, hanging rods, slanted shoe shelves, soft close drawers, jewelry drawers, and a generous free walkway space. The average size for customized walk-in closet ranges from 25 sq. Ft. to 100 sq. Ft. or more for those who happen to have luxurious spaces.
On average, the walk-in closet is 5 ft. Width and 5 ft. Length which can accommodate ample hanging spaces and shelves and will be able to provide a 3-foot walkway. Bigger spaces, on the other hand, can afford a more lavish style that incorporates a center island for more working space like additional cabinets and drawers and can also serve in displaying knick-knacks and folding clothes. Luxury closets can be enhanced with mirror doors.
Whether you have a small or awkward shaped space, custom build walk-in closet is good solution take advantage of this space.

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Typical materials used in constructing a walk-in-closet

Wire Closets

Closet system build from wired shelved is a good choice for a tight budget. Relatively inexpensive, widely available and easy to install. If you are a DIY kind of a person, this will be a great option but you have very limited customization options.

Melamine Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets build from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) covered with melamine is designed to last. Solves the issue of cracking, peeling, staining and warping. MDF comes in different styles, colors, and finishes.No surprise, this is one of the most popular materials for increases the lifespan of the closet, ease of maintains the aesthetic qualities. MDF provides the best value for money in the long run.

Solid Wood Walk-in Closets

Solid hardwoods make it easy to achieve a classy and elegant look. Hardwoods used to fabricate closets includes mahogany, alder, beech, oak, teak, and maple. Those wood species are beautiful, stable, strong, durable and an excellent choice in ensuring that your closet can withstand the test of time.

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Cost of building a walk-in closet

Typically, the cost of an average walk-in closet starts at $1,500, but a more extravagant project can go as high as $10,000 – $15,000 depending on the materials and design used. Choosing between melamine or wood can make a big difference in the cost of customizing a walk-in closet.
Additional amenities like center islands, fancy doors and other elaborate designs can increase the cost. During a Free design process, our designer will help to take full advantage of all available organization solutions such as specialty shelvings, drawers, shoe racks, hanging rods and numerous other accessories that contribute to overall cost but greatly enhance the final result. Other factors that significantly bump up the price include the linear and square footage of the material, the finish, the design, the accent trims and professional installation fees.

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Custom build vs. prefabricated closets

Custom closet benefits

Our experience designer of walk-in closets carefully considers the homeowner’s preferences and make sure to take advantage of every inch of available space. We don’t need to use fillers to cover empty spaces usually left by premade of-shelve products. Based on our expertise, every corner utilized to the max. We take advantage of the full height of your room to maximize storage space.

The custom-built walk-in closets designed only for your own needs. You don’t need special compartments for storing hats if you don’t wear them and vise versa.

During design consultation, we learn about your preferences and incorporate them in a new design. Whether you prefer to keep everything neat and out of sight, tucked away inside drawers and cabinets or keeping everything in full view, the custom closet will certainly do its job.

A walk-in closet is a great investment in home value. People are naturally “hoarders” of material things. We want to keep a “stash” of everything, whether things that we bought on impulse or things we inherited from our friends and loved ones. We usually want to keep them in case we need them someday. Space is always a highly sought-after feature of a smart home. Prospective buyers are more than willing to pay more for a home with a lot of storage. More space for keeping things organized creates a good first impression on potential buyers.

Prefabricated closet benefits

Custom closets may take a while to produce while a prefabricated walk-in closet can be made readily available, anytime due to the way they are produced. It can be installed by a non-professional which is great for DIYers, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Affordability is one of the advantages of prefabricated closets. The price tags on them are relatively cheaper than those of custom built closets due to the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship involved in producing them. You may save some money, but the final result will be very different. Before you buy a premade walk-in solution, please give us a call for a free in-house estimate

We Can Customize Your Dream Walk-In Closet With Following Accessories

Pants Rack

Shoe Rack

Jewelry Tray

Pull out Ironing Board

Laundry Basket

Pull Out Valet Rod

Pull Out Belt/Tie Rack

Pull Out Mirror


We can’t say enough great things about Anton, Irena and their team. Their customer service and workmanship far exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with our new closet and would highly recommend their services. Being a perfectionist I really appreciated the quality of the product, their attention to detail but most of all the care they took during the installation process. They left everything spotlessly clean showing the utmost respect in all interactions and their work. Thank you Five Star Moulding !

Angie, Newcastle, ON

Anton and Irena were very supportive , it starts with designing our closets, providing options that best meet our needs, following up and installing our closets, we highly recommend them to all our family and friends – high level of customer service . Thank you very much for your service. will definitely consider them in other projects .

Richmond Hill, ON

I am completely satisfied with the quality of work done by Anton and his team. I told him I needed the work done ASAP and he made it happen, working almost 12 hours straight to finish the job in one day. I would highly recommend Five Star Moulding to anyone looking for quality work at a fair price. Overall Good Job !

Brent, Oakville, ON

Five star moulding is definitly the company to call. You will not be disappointed at all. Anton and Sasha do impeccable work when it comes to specialized trim work in your home. Call Five Star Moulding if you want a million dollar overall presentation in your space!!!!

Robert, King City, ON

We just love the new look of our house from the baseboard, casing and wainscoting. Words can’t describe the professionalism that Anton and his crew had. You did an AMAZING job and I will certainly recommend you to everyone. Thank you Sandra and Travis

Sandra, Milton, ON

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