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Wainscoting Design Options

Wainscoting is a wall paneling that lines the lower and upper part of your room’s walls; usually topped by a chair rail with underneath boxes made of panel moulding. Irrespective of how high your room’s ceiling is, you can have big boxes with or without chair rail all the way up on your wall.

It’s in use for hundreds of years as both decorative accent wall, and as insulation on the walls. Wainscoting is an architectural feature that adds depth to your room. Regardless of your traditional or contemporary preferences professional wainscoting installation will elevate the details of your dull wall to an aesthetic level by adding richness, class, and a touch of mastery.

Traditional Wainscoting (Appliqué)

Five Star Moulding Company’s most popular design is appliqué, whereby we install chair rail and panel moulding on the wall. A lot of our respected clients consider it to be the most cost-effective solution to the aesthetic needs of their rooms. We offer design with boxes and a chair rail, boxes above and under the chair rail, or just 2 to 3 levels of boxes without the chair rail, contingent upon the ceiling height.


It’s an elegant and clean-lined style option that includes a series of flat recessed/shaker panels outlined. Five Star Moulding Company offers multiple rows of recessed/shaker wainscoting depending upon our client’s preferences, and ceiling height. Recessed/Shaker wainscoting is installed on a drywall. Occasionally, you can choose a panel moulding insert inside of the recessed/shaker panels to add more character to the design.
You can paint a crisp white on your wainscoting to have a beautiful contrast when natural light bounces off your walls. We offer a variety of wainscoting designs from basic boxes shaped chair rail and panel moulding to wall paneling, complete wall wainscoting installation and accent wall design.

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Five Star Moulding Company is one of the few distinguished companies to offer wainscoting installation expertise all the way up in the grand foyer and open above areas. Moreover, we are available in Toronto and all over GTA area.

Our ability and vision for wainscoting installation on the open above areas is only matched by a few in the market

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Wainscoting Ideas for Your Next Project

Detailed Ceiling

While the ceiling is the highlight of this room, the dark gray paint color highlights the clean white moulding to emphasize the interesting architecture of this style. The simple chair railing on the walls cleanly divides the lighter top from the darker bottom to give the walls a simple but elegant appearance that compliments the waffle ceiling.

Subtle Elegance

The wainscoting frames the deeper cream sections of the wall, offsetting them from the paler cream shades to lend visual interest to an otherwise modest design. The classic textured hues are displayed elegantly with crown moulding as well, creating a classy and timeless look that isn’t outdated.

Delicate Details

While the light monochrome color scheme gives the space a light and open feel, the beauty of this design is that the wainscoting matches the wall’s color so that texture shows through in a subtle and clean look without detracting from the spacious feel. The subtle detail of wainscoting adds visual interest to the sparsely decorated room so that it looks inviting instead of sterile.


The devil is in the details in this thoughtful staircase design. From the sculpted railing to the moulding on each step, this beautiful design in simple colors keeps it classic without looking busy. The artistic marriage of color and design ensure a pleasurable viewing experience in an otherwise overlooked area of the home.


For those who love striking red walls, wainscoting allows the adventurous at heart to enjoy a brilliant color without overwhelming the room. The tall wainscoting allows for a narrow accent band to liven up the space while the large window brightens up the room and highlights the lively hue.


The striking contrast between the dark walls and crisp white wainscoting and crown moulding give this room a fresh and complete look. The white wainscoting enhances the warm brown color of the walls, which might otherwise be overlooked next to the brown in the wood flooring and dining room set.

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