Waffle / Coffered Ceilings Installation Services 2020-07-30T21:18:37+00:00

Waffle / Coffered Ceiling Installation Services

Waffle ceiling before painting.

Waffle ceiling after painting.

If your aim is to add Décor quality uniqueness and a finishing look to your room, then waffle ceiling is one of your better options. You can have waffle ceiling installation in the master bedroom, dining, living, and family rooms of your house that are at least 9 feet in height. Furthermore, you can color your waffle ceiling a couple of shades lighter than your wall to have a fantastic contrast and enhance the overall appeal of your room.
The usual depth of the waffle ceiling is around 8” and can be adjusted, as per your requirements. We can offer as many waffle ceiling boxes as you desire for your home. However, the modern application is that of 5-12 boxes adjusted accordingly to the room’s size and client’s design vision.

Waffle ceilings are a prevalent way to raise the value of your property before listing it for sale and introduces a clean, classy, and decadent feel into its architecture. Taking into account your budget, your waffle ceiling can incorporate a fresh coat of paint and new lighting arrangements to have a complete aesthetic look. This entire package can have a fantastic effect for any room of your home.
Moreover, we install crown moulding within the waffle ceiling boxes to add depth, and to give the structure a classier look. Homeowners seeking to elevate their property’s value, are advised to have a waffle ceiling installation for a more vintage and orderly look. You will have a look reminiscent of fine hotels and traditional architecture, and Five Star Moulding Company installs Raw MDF blocks or beams alongside the moulding throughout the edges. Waffle ceiling design provides an excellent architectural improvement opportunity. Apart from using the standard MDF, panel moulding, and crown, you can have the luxury to change the number of boxes, shapes, depth and crown profile, as per your heart’s content.


Do you paint the waffle ceiling? 2017-09-28T14:25:54+00:00

We don’t since we only specialize in moulding installation. We use RAW MDF to build the waffle ceiling which means, you will need to prime and paint it after the installation.

Should I call the electrician before the waffle installation or after? 2017-09-19T19:05:54+00:00

It depends. But most of the time we suggest to do the lighting relocation/pot light installation after the waffle is up.

Do you remove popcorn ceiling before the waffle installation? 2017-09-19T19:05:17+00:00

Unfortunately we do not offer popcorn removal services. The removal should be done before the installation.

How many boxes should I choose to install? 2017-09-28T14:24:34+00:00

For smaller rooms we usually suggest 5 boxes and for bigger rooms – 6-9 boxes.

What is the recommended minimum ceiling height for waffle ceiling? 2017-09-19T19:03:52+00:00

We recommend to install waffle ceiling on at least 9 feet ceiling and up. If you are still interested to add a volume to your 8 ft. ceiling, we usually offer ceiling paneling.

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