Five Star Moulding Company specializes in house improvements/enhancements and during many years of operations, we have transformed many houses. Following are ten smart tips to get the best value for your for-sale-property:

1. Add minor low-cost improvements to your functional but old kitchen to uplift the property value. You can replace door handles, vent or can give a stainless steel finish to your kitchen faucet. If budget is not a problem then changing the backsplash and counter top will further elevate your kitchen’s ambiance.

2. A proven way to elevate your property’s value is by installing crown moulding along with wainscoting. It enabled many of our clients to sell their property above the listed price.

3. If your pocket, ceiling’s height and room’s layout allows for a waffle ceiling; go for it! It’s another sure-shot value-adding feature.

4. Adding new lighting fixtures to match your room’s design costs little but adds bigger value. Though, you must ensure that your builder’s chandeliers are not affixed in the main rooms of your property.

5. Revitalize your house with a fresh coat of painting.

6. Get rid of big furniture items before property listing even if you cannot afford a professional staging company. It will make your room spacious because less is more.

7. Just changing the vanity tables of your washrooms will add a contemporary look.

8. Understand the significance of installing custom closets before property listing. Ideally, you must install them in every bedroom, however, a budgeted solution is to install a master walk-in closet at the very least. It will elevate your property to the A-list listings.

9. Liberate yourself from shocking colors such as red, black, or pink and paint over a natural or light color in your bedroom(s).

10. Update the trim if your baseboards and casing are less than 5” and 3”, respectively. We suggest casing with the backband and new baseboards at least 5 1/4″ to elevate your room’s aesthetics.