Questions to ask during an in-home consultation for your crown molding project.

A crown molding is basically a large set of moldings which are made to add some finesse in the top edge where the ceiling meets the wall. There are several ways in which crown moldings can be installed and here are a few questions you need to ask the company that will be overseeing your crown molding project.

1. How do you install crown molding?

This is one of the most important questions. If the crown molding company only nails the crown molding into the drywall – make sure you understand the outcome. Some MDF crown molding profiles are very big and heavy and if the installers do not nail the crown molding pieces directly into the studs, it means that sooner or later this molding will get loose. The change of temperature in different seasons cause the nail hole to expand and contract, which means the nail will eventually get loose. This will cause a noticeable gap between crown molding and the wall. Professional crown molding installation requires the installer to nail crown molding right into the studs to prevent the crown molding from sagging. If the installer/sales person tells you that this will not make any difference, you need to understand that it will cause the crown molding to lose its grip and you ought to think twice before hiring this company.

2. Do you prepare crown molding for painting

Some companies offer painting, others don’t. Five Star molding company believes that you need to be a professional at what you do, therefore we only offer crown molding installation and not painting. However, our crown molding installation includes filling holes with white fillers, using caulking and priming the joints. The final result that our customers get is a smooth primed crown molding throughout, ready to be painted. This will help you save money on painting (since painters generally charge extra to prepare the crown molding for painting).

3. What crown molding size should I select?

Our recommendation would be 5”/6” for an 8 feet ceilings and 7” and up for a 9/10 feet ceiling. Some clients prefer to match crown molding size with the size of the baseboard. This is a tricky task since the baseboards are installed straight and the crown molding is always angled. Therefore you would want to choose a profile that is a bit bigger for your crown molding.

4. How will you handle a curve?

There are two different approaches for the curved crown molding installation. Some companies prefer to do it with the small pieces of MDF. This is a dated approach which consumes a lot of time and will never look as neat and smooth as installing flexible crown molding. We only use flexible crown molding for curved areas, which offers a custom radius specifically made for the curve. This material is costly but requires less time to install. Also, you will need to wait around 2-3 weeks to get it manufactured and delivered. It may be a long wait but the end result is worth it.

5. Who will be doing an installation?

This is another very important question you should ask. Many companies hire contractors to do the installation and there are lots of issues involved with this. Usually, contractors get paid per linear foot and not per job or hourly. They rush through since they are interested to install more footage in order to get a better pay. However, rushing is no good when it comes to professional crown molding installation. This usually leads to a poor crown molding installation, cracking and open angles in the future. Our team of professional installers along with the owner of the company are present at every single job in order to ensure that our customers get the work done to the highest standards. We never pay our installers per footage in order to avoid common issues in this industry. Quality installation is our main focus.

6. Do you offer a warranty?

It is always important to ask the company for a warranty. Only reliable companies will offer extended warranty and Five Star Molding Company offers a 5 year warranty to all its customers.