Professional Custom Closet Design

Questions you should ask your custom closet designer

If you are considering getting closet systems installed by a full-service custom closet company in your home, you probably have lots of questions and that’s normal. One of the benefits of a full-service closet company like FiveStarMoulding is that we provide consultations, a custom closet design, and installation. This takes out a lot of the guesswork, but it is still important to know what to expect, what is involved and what choices you have. To know a bit more about what to expect, you can view our Closet Organizer Checklist.
Asking your professional closet designer questions during the consultation can be quite valuable and can ensure that you make the best choices possible out of so many options. You can also get one step ahead of the game by analyzing your design needs and wants with our custom Closet Design Checklist.

Questions To Ask Your Professional Closet Designer:

What color options do you have for your closet systems?

FiveStarMoulding offer a wide range of standard and upgrade color options for your custom closet. Standard is usually white, but different wood grain shades are usually available for most closet systems. If you are trying to match something in your home, ask your custom closet design professional what is available.

What closet accessories do you offer?

A custom closet design also has the benefit of including custom closet accessories. Closet products such as valet rods, built-in drawers, belt racks, coat hooks, hampers, slide-out baskets and jewelry organizers are options that FiveStarMoulding offer. You can speak to your professional closet designer to find out which closet accessories will work best for your needs and what color accessories will look best. Knowing all of your options will make the custom closet design process easier.

How deep is your custom closet shelving?

We are a full-service closet company and we offer different depths of closet shelving. The standard is usually anywhere between 12″ and 16″ deep, but it can differ depending on the custom closet design. For deeper closet systems that may be covered with doors, 20-24″. Deep closet shelving is more common to accommodate the full depth of hanging garments. This is good to know about your design, so you can estimate what can be stored in the closet systems and what size closet organizers will fit.

How long will it take to receive my custom closet design?

A consultation with a closet designer will get all the basics out of the way. You can assess your needs together, plan a course of action, choose closet design styles and colors and then the closet systems can be designed. At FiveStarMoulding, on average, it takes one day to one week to receive a custom closet design that will best fit your needs. You will receive a computerized 3D model of your closet for better visualization. But be sure to ask your closet designer this so you know what to expect.
If it takes more than a day to receive your design, don’t get frustrated, your closet designer is working hard to make sure the custom closet design fits your needs, space and style and this may take time to get your closet organizer designed just right.

What kinds of closet upgrades are available?

The custom closet design, itself, is very important. The design will determine the functionality of your closet organizer, but the function doesn’t have to be plain and simple. Upgrades such as color options, crown moulding, raised panel drawer or door fronts, base moulding, lighting, glass shelving or doors, custom hardware and other decorative options are usually available for custom closets. Ask your designer to see what upgrades are available for closet organizers that fit your budget.

What kind of drawer slides do you offer?

Drawer slides are usually not something people think about, especially in custom closet design. Most of us focus on how the drawer looks, but drawer slides are important as well. Usually, we offer either ¾ extension drawer slides or full extension drawer slides; The ¾ drawer slides do not fully slide out of the drawer opening; true to its name, this drawer slide comes out ¾ of the way. Full extension drawer slides extend all the way out of the drawer opening. If you prefer a full drawer slide to store something large (large blankets, books, binders) then this may be a good question to bring up during the design consultation.

Who installs your closets?

We are a full-service closet company. We will do the design, manufacturing, and installation ourselves; this is good because you will know that the installers are familiar with the product and installation process. Because we manufacture and install our own closet organizer units we available to help if something needs to be adjusted, repair or do the maintenance. The biggest advantage of working with FiveStarMoulding is that we provide five (5) year guarantee. While other closet experts only guarantee that cover materials and hardware, our warranty covers everything from hardware to materials to labor.

What kind of hardware do you provide?

Hardware in closet systems is not limited to the drawer and door knobs or handles. Closet hanging rods, hinges, brackets and any supported hardware that may hold the closet up are all things worth asking about in your custom closet design. Chrome, brass, oil rubbed bronze and brushed chrome are popular hardware color choices; you can talk to your closet designer to see which option will best match your closet systems and your home