Five Star Molding Company is a seasoned expert in enhancements and renovation for your home. With years of experience in the field, we have successfully transformed hundreds of homes with our top of the line improvements to give your home a new look. Getting a renovation done can improve the sales value of the property getting you a higher price. To help you with making a wise decision about renovations, make sure you get the best deal before initiating the project. Here are some money saving tips for your renovation.

Volume Discount

The first thing you must consider when you think of renovating your home is to get a deal that offers a volume discount. Getting a single closet or one room of crown molding will be always more expensive than have this room as a part of the first entire floor done. Since every company has a minimum required. It’s better to look for a deal that offers a volume discount for the entire home. Better to wait and plan a bigger project if possible or combine with other services.

Getting a Full Service

Purchasing materials and hiring an installer service to renovate your home will increase your expenses. To save money on renovation, head to an expert that provides you a full service that includes materials and services for installing them. Using a full service is a better choice for your home renovation. Since reno companies buy material based on the volume with the discount you will never be able to get.

Follow the Reviews

Do your homework before hiring a service for renovations. Follow the reviews of the service and the company. With company websites, there’s a chance that the reviews could be fake. However, not all companies have fake reviews to trick their potential customers. In fact, it is very easy to spot a fake review; all you need to do is to pay attention to the details and the content. Fake reviews do not have the necessary details specific to the renovation services. Make sure to check Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms for verified customer reviews.

Compare and Save More!

Before deciding which company to choose for your renovation, call at least 3 or more companies to get a quote on their service and the charges. Here’s something you need to keep in mind: the cheaper offer does not necessarily mean it could be the best one to go for! Five Star Molding believes in credibility and best prices with a high-quality service. Some companies  will not mention the hidden costs that could prove to be very expensive later. We suggest that you do your homework about different services and choose the one that offers the best value for money with quality service and no additional hidden costs.


Once you get a price for the entire project, although it may seem like it’s the final price sometimes there’s room for negotiation (since the final price is not always negotiable). Let the company know that you would like their service but the charges are too high. Negotiating for a price will help in determining the services and materials used.

Avoid the Eye-Catching 40%-50% Sales Promotion

While it may seem attractive to go for a company that is offering renovation on a 30 to 50% promotional rate, what many companies do is increase the price before offering a promotion and then put it on promotion and offer a 30% or 50% less which is the same price as it was before the increase. Clients need to look at the final product along with the final price to compare the quote and not look at the 40% promotions.

Request a Combination of Services

The last money saving tip for renovation is that you request for a service combination. If you are looking to install new closets then why not ask for wainscoting as well. Getting a combination of different services from Five Star Molding will certainly benefit you later.