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The simple addition of crown moulding can make any bland room instantly, more visually appealing. Crown moulding can accentuate doors and windows, to give rooms a classier feel.


Anytime you make a big change to your home’s interior or exterior, you potentially increase its resale value. Crown moulding is highly desirable feature, so, in the event you move, your home could sell for slightly more and faster, because of these additions.


The use of crown moulding in small rooms will actually makes the space look bigger than it is. Even if it is a small hallway or bedroom, crown moulding will make you feel like it is a larger space.


How much does crown moulding installation cost? 2018-06-26T19:56:28+00:00

The average cost of crown molding varies from province to province with the cost of living. When it comes to crown molding most contractors will charge by the linear foot (Linear feet just means any distance or length measured in feet). Some contractors will charge by the corner. When I estimate for crown molding here in Toronto, I charge by the linear foot. My price for crown molding includes the material cost of the crown molding, and the labor cost of installing the crown molding. You can also get a price for painting the crown molding.

If you are taking on the job yourself you can purchase the molding at a local Home Depot or Lowe’s whichever you prefer or you could save yourself about 40 cents/linear foot if you find a local millwork/lumber yard.

What is the best type of paint for crown molding flat semi-gloss satin or high gloss? 2018-06-26T19:54:24+00:00

I wouldn’t go high gloss or semi-gloss on crown molding unless your walls (and ceiling) are gloss as well. Depending on the color of the walls, mixing the wall color with ceiling white (50/50 or 70/30) will set off the molding just enough from the ceiling to create an additional layer, which adds visual interest without drawing attention to itself. There’s nothing to say you can’t use semi-gloss but, to me, a shiny molding up at the ceiling is not the greatest look.

What is the best crown moulding chose for an 8 feet ceiling room? 2018-06-26T19:35:37+00:00

Five Star Moulding Company suggests you go with a 5” to 7” crown moulding profile so that they won’t look too heavy.

What kind of crown moulding do you recommend for ceilings 9 feet & above? 2018-06-26T19:39:37+00:00

To make Crown molding look proportional to the ceiling hight we would suggest picking wider moulding profiles.  7” and wider profile will look appropriate in a high ceiling room. More if the room demands so. Our designers will help you to choose best possible crown moulding to compliment your style and space

What crown molding profiles do you offer? 2018-06-26T19:32:03+00:00

Our modern and plain crown moulding profiles are Cove and Georgian, while for the conventional homeowners, we offer Milan and Tuscany crown moulding styles.

What’s your most sophisticated crown profile? 2017-09-26T18:04:11+00:00

Symmetrical crown profile.

Do I have to paint the crown moulding after the installation? 2018-06-26T19:33:32+00:00

We recommend a paint job. Although, the material is primed at the point of manufacturing, however, occasionally the primer is not spread evenly and requires fresh paint.

Do I have to paint the crown molding after the installation?

Why flexible crown moulding is expensive? 2018-06-26T19:46:40+00:00

It is customized to match a client’s curve’s radius specifically. It is made of resin and is processed in the U.S. Therefore; the order takes about two to three weeks to get delivered. Additionally, the installation is more time-consuming. All these factors propel the price of flexible crown moulding.


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