Closet Organizing Checklist

Clean Out The Closet

Take all items out of the closet and place them in a “keep” or “purge” section. Once the closet is empty, thoroughly clean and dust the closet.

Step 1

Sort Closet Items

Go through all closet storage items and decide if you will keep, donate or throw away the items. Clothing and other items designated for donation should be folded and placed in a sealable bag or box for the donation center. If you plan to have a garage sale with unwanted items, place them in boxes so you can store them elsewhere until you are able to hold the event. Collect or purchase proper clothes hangers for your hanging items. Wire hangers should be avoided.

Step 2

Designate Areas in the Closet for Each Type of Storage Item

If you are planning to install a closet organizer system, closet accessory or other addition to your closet, now is the time to do so while it is empty. Choose an area for shoes, standard hanging items, longer hanging items, seasonal wear, folded items, bags and miscellaneous items. Keeping like items together will help you get organized. Keeping items like shoes off the floor or out of your walking area also helps. Try an over the door shoe organizer if your closet lacks the proper shelving.

Step #3

Place Items Back in the Closet

Taking each type of item at a time, place your garments and storage items back in the closet; each in its designated area. Labeling sections or closet shelves may help with staying organized in the future. Purchasing additional closet accessories such as jewelry organizers, drawer sections or small shelving units can also greatly improve the organization of your closet. Note: Scheduling a Closet Design Consultation If you plan to have a closet designer visit your home for a consultation, schedule the date to occur after you have purged your closet so that he or she can inventory everything you want to keep.

Step 4

Do you need a custom made closet and prefer to have our designer to look in your closet before cleaning it out to experience your space challenges firsthand?

Please give us a call or fill in form belove to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.