Closet Organization Tips

Cleaning out your closet on a regular basis is a great thing to do, but let’s face it, how many of us actually clean out our closets every 6 months?  Hmmm. That’s what I thought.  Sorting through clothing and personal belongings at least twice a year will help reduce clutter, keep up your closet organization and make finding any item much easier.

If you have minimal clutter in your closet or know that maybe you have just a few items to purge, do it!  Don’t wait for spring cleaning to improve a closet organization, it’s possible that your clutter will increase and you’ll have a much harder task to perform later on.  If you have a large number of storage items to sort through or if anyone in your household has called you a “pack rat”, then you will need to dedicate some time, perhaps a weekend, to nothing but closet organization.  If you don’t know where to begin, you can always call a professional organizer to help evaluate and organize your items with you.

Here Are Some Handy Closet Organization Tips:

  • Take everything you can out of your closet and clean it.  Vacuum, dust, polish or mop if necessary.  This way you will know you have sorted through everything and a having clean fresh closet is easier to maintain and adds incentive to keep it clean.
  • If you haven’t worn a garment in 6 months to a year, toss it!  Unless a garment has specific sentimental value and you’re not going to wear it, it’s just taking up valuable space.
  • “New” clothing with the retail tags still attached can be purged if you know you are never going to wear it or won’t fit into it.  Impulse shopping can lead to an overcrowded closet and make organization difficult.
  • Shoes, belts, ties, and purses with scratches, torn straps, cracked leather or other flaws should be purged if you have no intention of getting them repaired.
  • Boxes of “stuff” should be sorted through and labeled. Pictures, keepsakes, and trinkets that are in your “keep” pile can be easily misplaced.  Store these items in a cardboard file box or plastic storage box and make a label that includes ALL items in each box.  This will help purge unneeded items and make closet organization and finding your items much easier.
  • Holiday and seasonal items should also be boxed if possible and labeled.  If you have room, it’s best to keep these items in an attic or secondary closet separate from your personal closet to allow you more room and keep down clutter.
  • Now it is time for an actual closet organization.  You can place your “keep” items back in your closet in an orderly fashion.  Place items used most often at eye level or in a place that is easy to access.  Seasonal clothes can go toward the back of the closet, keepsake boxes can be placed on high shelves and so forth.

After Closet Organization, Find a New Home for Your Unwanted Items

  • Donate your items to a local shelter or community donation center.
  • Have a garage sale!  Getting rid of older or unused items can generate a little extra cash for needed items and improve, closet organization.
  • Give your items to family members or friends.  Clothing in good shape can be shared and used by someone you know.  Ask family or friends if they need anything you may be getting rid of.
  • If you have small children, perhaps they’d like to keep dresses or suits for playing dress-up.
  • Recycle:  glass, plastic or paper items can be recycled in most communities, sometimes even clothes.

Still Need Help? Call in a Professional Organizer

A professional organizer provides a unique and indispensable service.  Years of experience and proven methods help to keep households, individuals and businesses organized and well managed; a professional organizer can also increase household function and improve organizing skills.  Different services include closet organization, designing closet organizer systems, training individuals in organization skills and time management (how we spend our time needs organizing too).

Remember, a professional organizer is a trained professional who knows what methods work and which ones don’t for home and closet organization.  Your “mess” or storage is not the first they have seen and is probably not the worst.  If you have a closet organization question, a professional organizer will have the answer.  They can help with initial steps to get your closet or area organized and functioning as well as many, many other things.

Some services provided by a professional organizer:

  • Design a functional closet system
  • Suggest which closet accessories are needed for your space
  • Help determine which modular closet organizer to purchase
  • Closet organization skills
  • Prepare your closet for a move – packing and unpacking tips
  • Provide training that will help to keep up home and closet organization
  • Assist with ideas when dealing with a full-service custom closet company
  • Personal one-on-one organization consultations and sessions in your home

Happy Organizing!  If you still have questions about the closet organization, check out our other blogs, or print out our Closet Organization Checklist.

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