You must think that all companies that specialize in providing services pertaining to custom closets, offer the same thing. However, taking a deep look would help you understand that every company is different.
Although, every company promises to provide you with exceptional customer service, we offer that and much more.
Five Star Moulding Company is set apart from the rest in the market, and here’s why:

Quality Edge Banding

With just one glance, you would be able to spot a clear difference between our edge banding techniques and that of other custom closet makers. We focus on thick and solid techniques that are designed to last.


All of our solutions are designed keeping our customers’ safety in mind.
All of our shelving’s are CNC machined with the small pin holders that ensure the stability of the shelves. Moreover, these features allow you to have a piece if mind, especially when you have small kids who can accidently pull on the shelves, causing them to collapse.
If you were take a closer look at the closets being offered online, by other companies, you would notice; they were initially designed as kitchen cabinets. It is very important to note that kitchen cabinets allow you to easily pull up the shelves, however, this isn’t a safety concern when it comes to kitchen cabinets, as they all come with doors which prevent the shelves from collapsing. However, when this methodology is applied to closets, this can become an imminent safety threat, as doors are rarely used in closet solutions and there is nothing to prevent the shelves from falling.
We, on the other hand, care about your safety and provide you with closet organizing solutions that are designed with the best quality materials and are designed specifically for closets, therefore meeting all your needs.

Perfectly Round Corners

Look closer. Can you notice the corners of products offered by other custom closet makers? It is very likely that the corners are plain, boring and straight – this is because beautifully shaped round corners require expensive machinery that produces high end cabinetry, most of which such companies cannot afford. We work only the leading custom closet manufacturing professional and  focus on providing you with perfectly rounded corners, which are not only unique, but are commonly used in for 24”, 48” and 60” hanging panels to add a modern look.

Hanging rods

While other companies offer you oval rods, with caps that are not fixed and are moved with even the slightest touch of hand; we provide premium round rods that are fixed to the cap and cannot be pulled out, thus offering an additional safety feature.


“This company can install all of your 5 closets in one day,” we’ve all heard such advertisements.
However, what should be considered is not that you are being offered fast installation, as it is the quality that matters at the end of the day.
Most closet companies make use of pre-assembled materials – that are mostly like to get chipped and scratched during delivery — which they then install on site. It is very common that walls don’t turn out to be straight, or the measurements are incorrect, and then the installer needs to make adjustments on site. Since, the products provided by such companies are preassembled, they are unable to correctly install the product, and often leave gaps in between, thus failing to provide 100% customization.
We understand that purchasing new closets cost more than a dime and that paying good money to get your closets done, should mean that you receive only the best quality installation and this involves time and patience.
At Five Star Moulding, we value you time & we promise to provide you with top-notch products. We never make use of pre-assembled closet solutions and believe in providing our clients with valued services. We provide you with customized closets, tailor made to fit your needs.
Our trained experts pay attention to your every need and requirement. We measure the closets and design them in a 3D format for you to review, thus ensuring that you get the best.


When choosing the right drawers, it is important you consider the box (inside) of the drawer, just as much as you consider the face/front of the drawer. It is important that you don’t settle with drawers that have a plastic or melamine insider, as drawers are a very essential component of your closet. If you are looking to invest in drawers that would last, we suggest that you make sure to choose wood (birch) as the inside box, of the drawer.
At Five Star Moulding, we use only top quality birth boxes that are made from solid wood, due to their excellent quality and increased durability. We value quality & ensure that your penny is worth.


We believe in providing premium services, that very few in the industry even care to think of or dedicate their labor towards. At Five Star Moulding, we understand that bridges – the connections between units—are very essential, as they allow the installation to look rather complete. We provide complete installation of bridges towards the top and towards then middle of all our closet solutions to allow them to look solid and expensive.


Last, but certainly not the least, the biggest advantage of choosing us is our five (5) year guarantee that comes with all our services. While other closet experts only guarantee that cover materials and hardware, our warranty covers everything from hardware to materials to labor.