3 Makeover Tips for Bedroom Closet Organizers

When most people I know think of bedroom closets, they often think of planning closet organizer systems, calculating measurements or building a custom closet from scratch.  While this can be true, there are many other aspects of design that are not as involved, which is great news for those who either already have bedroom closet organizers or don’t want a complete closet to remodel.

Updating bedroom closets can be as simple as adding new hardware or decorative accents… in other words, simple changes that can add plenty of pop to your bedroom closet.

Add Some Color!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… but wait. What color is your closet? Whether your current closet wall color is primer white or an outdated avocado green, there’s no reason why you can’t spruce it up and add a splash (or many splashes) of color! This is a personal favorite design idea for bedroom closet organizers… it’s so simple. Painting a small space such as a bedroom closet doesn’t have to take long and it looks great after.
If you currently don’t have shelving or fixtures on your closet wall, well… lucky you! The painting will be a breeze. But if you have installed bedroom closet organizers or other fixtures are in place, then it’s best to purchase some painter’s tape and tarps to protect any non-wall obstacle from the new paint.

Makeover Tips

  • Lighter paint colors work great with any color bedroom closet organizers or systems.
  • Darker colors absorb light and can make a space seem small.
  • Leave the ceiling and trim white if possible. This will help reflect light and add a great decorative touch.

Don’t want to paint the wall, but still want some bright closet organization colors? If your bedroom closet organizers are wood or another paintable surface, you can paint them as well or instead of painting the walls!

Shelves to the Rescue!

Tripping overshoes, purses or boxes in your closet space? To give your closet more function and a great open, uncluttered look, just add some shelves. Adding shelving above a hanging closet rod or bare walls in a closet and giving items a home off the floor are great ideas for bedroom closet organizers. Yes, it’s functional, but it does add a great closet design element as well: the illusion of more space. If the floor is cluttered, the closet can appear smaller and closed-in.

Makeover Tips

  • Ready-to-assemble Rubbermaid Closet Shelving Kits can be purchased online at amazon.com or retail home improvement stores.
  • You can also cut plywood sheets, add a bit of paint and a few wall brackets for homemade shelves.
  • If you are making the shelving, you can even measure your shoes or closet storage items and cut the shelves only as deep as needed to save even more space.

Give Fixtures and Hardware a Quick Makeover

Still, have the original light fixtures in your closet or the same door and drawer pulls on your bedroom closet organizers or systems? A great way to add some zing to your bedroom closet organizers is to simply replace the hardware. Online retailers, hardware stores, large mega-stores and local shops carry all types of hardware to choose from.

Makeover Tips

  • A simple light bulb with a dusty glass globe cover can be upgraded to something more modern.
  • Change out standard hardware on your closet doors with something more to your liking and style.
  • Many modular or custom bedroom closet organizers have cabinet doors or drawers incorporated. It’s very simple to replace old drawer knobs with new ones.
  • This is also a great idea for kids bedroom closet organizers. Doorknobs and drawer pulls can be replaced with colorful hardware that is appealing to children.

Some home improvement projects can take weeks, but adding shelving, color, and hardware to a closet can take less than a weekend and can be fun. Taking before and after photos can also help you see what a difference little changes can make.