What is the Difference Between Big Store Custom Closet Solutions and Five Star Moulding Company?

Following are 10 top reasons to prefer Five Star Moulding Company’s custom closet solutions over glossy big stores’ offerings.



All the big stores offer a warranty of 5 to 10 years. However, that warranty conveniently excludes some crucial parts, and the LABOR cost. We offer a complete 5 years warranty inclusive of every single part, bolt, material-used, and labor.


The closet offerings of Big Stores are NOT customized. They are created to suit standardized closets, and leave gaps between the closet, and the wall. We only work to customize your closets as per your room’s measurements, e.g., a Big Store’s standard closets are designed for 8-feet ceilings, and will not capitalize itself in rooms with higher ceilings.WE will ensure your closet completely compliments your ceiling height.


Big Stores offer you glossy closets and that’s it. After the purchase, either you have to HIRE the Store’s installers, an external handyman, or do it yourself. Remember, you need two individuals to install a closet solution which means twice the labor cost. Five Start Moulding Company makes it simple by offering you a quotation inclusive of installation charges.


Drawers are the most premium feature of a closet system, and the majority of Big Stores are guilty of creating cheap plastic/MDF made closets to maximize profits. This results in a reduced closet life. Our birch boxes for drawers are created from the best available wood, and hence would last much longer.


Most of the Big Stores will not offer you a complimentary designer’s consultation. A few will suggest an online program to design your custom closet. Although, the software is user-friendly, still, you would be needing a couple of hours to understand, and design your closet. Even then the final product may not fit your personalized design. At Five Star Moulding Company we offer FREE consultation all over GTA, and the option of requesting a complimentary 3D REQUEST FORM, if you do not have consultation time. Additionally, our designers will give professional insights about space maximization to ensure a lifelong business relationship with you.



As explained above, Big Stores will cut cost at every possible stage such as substandard hanging rods, cheap drawers’ sliders and wire baskets. All of this will result in a closet that is highly susceptible to breaking. We only use highest quality hardware available to assure you a durable custom closet solution that’s worth the money.


One of the perceived myths about professional closet companies is that they charge twice or thrice the price Big Stores are offering. That is not true! Because when you add the cost of the closet structure, assembling, delivery, and 3D closet design time investment, the price is only marginally less than our solutions.
We are your one-window solution from 3D design till the final installation.


The majority of Big Stores will use thin edge banding to save cost making it look very bland and fragile. Five Star Moulding Company only uses premium quality edge banding which is durable with a stylish look.


In contrary to Big Stores’ Floor Mount option, we offer Floor and Wall Mount options. Wall Mounts are hanged on the walls, and are easy to clean. Additionally, wall mount solutions are the best choice for people with allergies. Easy access allows to vacuum and clean floors without any problems.


Big Stores will only offer bestselling options. We offer everything your heart desires for your custom closet solution e.g. height, width, layouts and even drawer faces because Five Star Moulding Company offers a custom closet solution in its truest form.